What Are Punitive Damages?

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Punitive damages are an amount of money calculated to punish the defendant for misconduct that was particularly bad.  On rare occasions, punitive damages can be recovered in addition to the damages intended to compensate for a loss.  Most legal malpractice cases do not involve the possibility of punitive damages because the cases only involve issues of negligence, and not intentional or gross misconduct.

If the lawyer’s misconduct involved fraud or theft, or other intentional unfair dealing for personal gain, then punitive damages may be available.  Some states have caps on punitive damages and in some states, all or part of the punitive damages are payable to the state rather than to the injured person.

Under Florida law, punitive damages are limited to a maximum of three times the amount of compensatory damages awarded, or $500,000, whichever is greater, except under unusual circumstances.

What Are Punitive Damages?

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